Customize, customize, customize

You can hardly find a database design and development software that is as customizable as Toad™ Data Modeler. You can

  • add new features to Toad™ Data Modeler or extend existing funtionality,
  • modify forms in Toad Data Modeler (add new combo boxes, text fields, checkboxes...),
  • add new properties to your models and link new properties with items on your modified forms,
  • add or modify methods and events to forms,
  • modify default values,
  • add a support for currently unsupported databases to the application,
  • affect the generation of SQL scripts,
  • create custom reports etc.


Documentation is a part of the installation package. In the User Manual you can find seciton Customization - sample with detailed information about customization. A complete object reference is available also. Click Help -> Reference to open CHM file with all objects, properties, methods and other useful data.


Editable forms Editable forms

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