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Freeware Database Modeling and Design tool

Free database modeling tool
Toad Data Modeler Freeware

Toad Data Modeler freeware version is a database modeling and design tool that can be used for development of smaller database structures.
Note: If you work with Oracle databases, you may find useful another freeware tool - Toad Extension for Eclipse.


There is a community site available at Join the community or visit the community site and get more information, including:
  • Product features and screenshots
  • BETA program
  • Movies
  • Forum
  • Release Notes and System Requirements


The freeware version contains many useful features, however there are some feature restrictions. In majority of cases limits are set for number of objects you can work with (25 entities limit). More information can be found on Modeling Community site at or in Features Matrix PDF document that shows differences between Freeware and Commercial version.