Toad Extension for Eclipse

Free Eclipse Plugin for Database Users

Toad Extension for Eclipse is a free plugin focused on database development. Integration with Java is a key feature that offers various benefits to not-only Java developers. Scan your Java projects for database statements, refactor database objects together with your Java code and more! See below a quick overview of the Eclipse plugin.

Data Browser and Editor

  • Browse data stored in your tables and views.
  • Edit data via datatype-specific forms.
  • Comfortably select values from lookup tables.
  • Set number of records that should be displayed in grid and explore larger set of rows.

Data Browser

Advanced Content Assist

  • Take advantage of advanced Content Assist (Intellisense).
  • Proposals are sorted by references and relevance.
  • See referenced tables, get proposals for joins.
  • Generate aliases automatically
  • See VIDEO

Content Assist Database

Integration with Java

  • View SQL statements defined in Java files.
  • Recognize valid statements as well as errors.
  • Sort and group items by type (error, warning...) or source (Java file)
  • Easily send your SQL statements to SQL Worksheet.
  • Generate Java code templates for database objects and statements.
  • See VIDEO

Integration SQL and Java

Navigation from Java to Database

  • Navigate from Java files to database objects.
  • See object definition.
  • View dependencies in separate view.
  • Edit selected object in appropriate editor.

Navigation from Java to SQL


View dependencies and see references found in:

  • Database
  • Java files
  • Open SQL worksheets

Dependencies SQL and Java


Change database object name and modify

  • Related Database objects
  • Occurences in Java files and open SQL worksheets

SQL Refactoring in Java

Code Validation

  • Validate code on-the-fly.
  • See a list of suggestions, expected statements.
  • Visually navigate to error positions in large files.
  • SQL Problems View shows errors thrown by database platform.

SQL Syntax check

Quick Search

  • Quickly find objects using smart search.
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open search form.
  • Specify first letters of your object names to get results.
  • Use camel case search and more.

Quick Search

Export and Import

  • Export data to SQL or CSV via wizards.
  • Limit exported data to meaningful formats (skip blobs etc.)
  • Select columns that should be exported.
  • Set advanced options, e.g. disable triggers.

Export and Import

Schema Compare (BETA)

  • Compare schemas immediately
  • Mark items as Important
  • Navigate to next "not-read" difference
  • (Available for Oracle databases only)

Compare Schemas

Supported Databases

  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Note: Some advanced features are available for Oracle database only.

Supported Databases