Toad™ Extension for Eclipse™

Free Eclipse plugin for Oracle® database users

Toad Extension for Eclipse extends the functionality of Eclipse by options for Oracle database and offers various Oracle database management features. The free community edition of Eclipse plugin allows you to establish a connection to any of the following versions of Oracle database:
  • Oracle 12
  • Oracle 11
  • Oracle 10
  • Oracle 9

Benefits for Eclipse & Oracle database users

The Toad Extension for Eclipse plugin allows you to:
  • Connect to your Oracle database from within Eclipse
  • Browse data, object relationships and other detailed object properties
  • Develop complex PL/SQL code comfortably using intelligent Content Assist
  • Query data with easy export functions
  • Manage or Edit data and objects quickly
  • Detect SQL statements in Java files and get visual notification and navigation to the DB object
  • Refactor database objects in database and Java code ...
  • Take advantage of many standard Eclipse features including Local History, integration with version control systems, XML editor and more!

Benefits for Toad Data Modeler users

Toad Data Modeler is a database modeling tool that allows you to visually define database structure and automatically generate SQL scripts. But you need another tool to run the generated SQL code generated from Toad Data Modeler. Now you can choose also Toad Extensions for Eclipse as your primary tool for running scripts. And because both tools exist in free versions (TDM freeware & TEE community edition), the combination of Toad Data Modeler and Toad Extension for Eclipse can be a great solution for all Oracle database users, developers and DBAs.


There is a community site available at Join the community or at least visit the community site and get more information, including:
  • Product features and screenshots
  • Installation Instructions
  • Movies
  • Forum
  • Release Notes and System Requirements


The free community edition doesn't contain any feature restriction.

More information

Visit the Toad Extension for Eclipse community site to get more information about the free Eclipse plugin for Oracle database users.