Maintain ER Diagrams using the Version Manager

Toad™ Data Modeler has its own Version Manager. Every change, made to a model, can be saved into the respective model's version and that will allow you, for example, to compare the individual versions, etc.

You can add also files created in third party applications to the version manager and add PDF, DOC and other files to your projects. Items can be added to and removed from Version Manger easily.

Version Comparison

From time to time, it is necessary to compare two models and find out all the differences.Toad™ Data Modeler allows you to compare two versions from the internal Version Manager or to compare two independent entity relationship diagrams.


Toad Data Modeler allows you to generate Alter Scripts (Change scripts). You can also merge models together and take advantage of the Model Update feature. With Toad Data Modeler you can keep your model and database structure up-to-date.

Model Verification (or Model Check)

The Model verification feature allows you to verify Entity relationship diagrams

To Do list

The "To-Do list" feature allows you to write tasks or information about unfinished actions.

Model verification Model verification

Version manager Version manager